Our innovative technology allows building of a modern bitumen production facility, which uses principle of modification of initial raw materials(like Vacuum Bottom)or semi processed product or the final product by agents formed during oxidation in the bitumen production process. Technology regulates chemical composition of the bitumen. Bitumen is modified with modern technology application and has higher chemical and physical operational quality.
Our technology of high quality bitumen production allows to use raw material as Vacuum Bottom, oil sludge, oil residue, fuel oil, bitumen oil, acid tars and coal tar with middle molecular weight.
Basic advantages of The Improved Quality Bitumen production technology:
  • uses principle of modification of raw materials, semi products and final product during the bitumen production process;
  • allows to produce bitumen of different grades with lower production costs due to intensification of the oxidation process;
  • regulates chemical composition of bitumen as the final product and of raw material;
  • uses petroleum raw materials of any kind and quality with various physical and chemical composition;
  • produces modified bitumen with higher physical-chemical and performance characteristics than world standard;
  • provides solution for waste disposal for oil production industry.
Our modified foam-film oxidation technology allows:
  • extension of the range of bitumen plasticity, heat and cold resistance;
  • increase of adhesion (sticking) to inert materials in the production of asphalt;
  • reduce changes in bitumen properties and quality with time.