NANO TECHNOLOGY BASED PORTABLE WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM is designed for advanced nano drinking water recovery treatment of water from rivers, underground raw water resources and centralized water supply.

IT IS GREEN: no chemical used

PRODUCTIVITY: up to 50 L per day of clean water

SINGLE CARTRIDGE LIFE: 1 YEAR or 20,000 L of water

The water purification filter provides real drinking water recovery at nano level, which combines purification from bacteria and other contaminants, free radicals and physical and informational water restructuring. The functions have been proven by NATA approved laboratory test in Australia as well as in South Korea, India and Russia.
Application of the water filtration system reduces to zero or acceptable rate concentration of the following dangerous components:

- Malignant bacterium;
- Giardia Lamblia;
- Radio nuclides;
- Heavy metals;
- Pesticides;
- Other hazardous substances.

At the same time all important for human health micro elements remain preserved in the treated water.

Filter system Structure

A track membrane cartridge is the core cartridge element. Track membrane is a thin polymer film of about 10 microns thick, on each square centimetre of which there are hundreds of millions of pores (holes) of 0.2-0.4 microns in diameter (approximately 100 times thinner than a human hair!), thus ensuring the warranted high quality of the purification process.

The purification quality remains unchanged and does not reduce its perfectness until the complete expire of cartridge operating resource.
The filter system is made of materials approved for contact with drinking water, migration rate of any substances from filter materials into water does not exceed the established norms.

During purification the risk of mixture of purified and contaminated water is practically eliminated due to the special structure of the filter system.
The filter system is very easy and convenient to use at home, and it is indispensable particularly outdoors (travelling, fishing, hunting, expedition), as well as in emergency situations. Small size and light weight of the filter makes it universal for both in and outdoor use.


Contaminants Purification level, up to:
Bacteria (cholera vibrio, coli bacillus and salmonella 99,9%
Pesticides 99,9%
Iron (total) 85%
Colority 80%
Turbidness 90%

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions, mm (with bag) 17011012
Weight, gram 100
Operating temperature range, o 0 70
Capacity, liters 20,000*
Productivity, L/day up to 50
* Filter capacity may reduce due to purification of highly contaminated water. In such cases, water settling is recommended prior to water treatment.
The filtration system consist of a nano track membrane located inside a soft bag which serves as an external preliminary filtering bag ( the bag retains mechanical particles, ooze, tangle, etc). The track membrane located inside the external bag is welded up along its perimeter and fitted with a coupling for release of the recovered drinking water through the soft outlet tube connected to the coupling. The track membrane is wrapped around a metallic stainless frame. The frame provides rigidity to the cartridge and keeps it immersed in water in vertical position

Filter system operation

Operation is very easy and includes the following 6 simple steps

1. Prepare a container for recovered drinking water (4) (a drinking water vessel, a plastic bottle with a cut top, a suitable package, etc.).
2. Fill the raw water container (2) with raw water and locate it 30-100 cm higher than the container for recovered drinking water (4).
3. Take Filter system out of the transportation case and remove the tube plug (5) from the outlet tube (3).
4. Immerse Filter System cartridge (1) into the raw water container (2), keeping the free end of the outlet pipe (3) off the container.
5. Lightly suck the air out of the outlet tube, the purification process will start within 5 seconds. If the air is not sucked out of the outlet tube the cartridge will get soaked up with raw water by itself and the purification process will begin in 10-15 minutes.
6. Place the free end of the outlet tube into the container for he recovered drinking water (4).
Note. At the beginning the recovered drinking water will flow as a current the intensity of which may decrease with time and after a while the filter will start operating in its normal drop-by-drop mode.


Omega-Refineries (UK) Ltd is the official distributor of the product in African continent. Warranty is provided by the manufacturer. It warranties successful performance of the filter system within 12 months after the date of purchase provided the storage, installation, and operation regulations specified in the present User Manual have been observed. During the warranty term, the Manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace defective parts of filter system free of charge provided the filter malfunctioning occurs through the fault of the Manufacturer.
No claims shall be accepted in case of any mechanical or other damage caused to the filtering system after it sale , as well as in case of violation of the operational and other regulations specified in the User manual.